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How It Works

KickDriver helps you motivate backers to spread the word about your campaign.

1. Add Your Kickstarter

In less than a minute you will have a fully functional referral program for your Kickstarter campaign. It's easy.

2. Set Your Reward

Offer cash back to your backers for each sale they refer to your Kickstarter campaign.

3. Tell Your Backers

Simply send your KickDriver link to your backers and we handle the rest!

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What's Included


All you need to create and run a Kickstarter referral program in a few easy steps.

  • Analytics
    Easy Setup

    KickDriver's simple dashboard makes it easy to set up and launch your referral program in a minute

  • Analytics
    Automated Tracking

    We tracks clicks driven by boosters & record when the clicks result in Kickstarter purchases.

  • Rewards
    Flexible Rewards

    Set the percentage amount to offer your backers for the sales they refer!

  • Analytics

    Real-time charts and metrics show you how many boosters are participating, and how much traffic each is driving to your campaign.

  • Analytics
    Optimized Sharing

    People share more when it's easy. You and your boosters can share your campaign with one click to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Analytics
    Collect Emails

    Access your booster's emails so you can communicate with them one on one before your Kickstarter campaign is over.

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